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The pastel yellow Lovely that you see to the left is called Simply Michigan. She's 30" tall and she throws fragrant, ruffled blossoms that are six inches across, blooming in mid season, and, if we have a warm fall, she MAY rebloom at the end of August = FUN!! And you can have a double fan of this gorgeous gal for your home garden for only $29: limited quantities only!


Happy 2022 to you all!!

This Spring has given us so Very Uneven growing weather: unusual cold with excessive rains, then Scorching Heat and NO RAIN - and my daylilies are CONFUSED??? They've sent up bud scapes that are taller than ever, then they started producing buds, and then STOPPED with the onset of the ExcessiveHeat and NO RAIN, over the last two weeks.

So: since we had NoColor last week, we did not open, per usual. BUT, we are hoping to open this next weekend: Sat/Sun, 25th/26th, from 10am to 3pm - probably with only a few dozen varieties in blossom - unless it rains.

No moisture is forecast for this week, however; hopefully we'll get SOMETHING during the last week of June. BUT, to help you avoid making an unproductive trip to TheFarm, please call me 217-621-8474 BEFORE you come over, to check on the status of the Lovelies.

Please know that, no matter what happens, this is a TEMPORARY delay for starting our Season 16. As soon as it RAINS, within a week or so, we'll be Back In Business, with new varieties producing new buds and blossoms, for us ALL to enjoy.

In the meantime, ALL IS NOT LOST!!! Please remember that you may go for a Leisurely Garden Walk on our WebSite: - and, there, you can make a Wish List of Beauties from more than 650 pictured choices. Then, you can place your order OnLine - OR - you can call me directly at 217-621-8474, and we can put an order together for you, on the phone: NOT a problem in the least. Then, when this Terrorizing Weather eventually settles down, we can dig and prep your order for you, to come by TheFarm to pick up, a bit later in July.

THANKS for your patience and understanding. Again ... this is ONLY a TEMPORARY delay. AND - if you are GreatFriends with MomNature, please see what you can do to convince her to share some water with us, sooner rather than later!! Maybe a Toad Strangler ?!? She seems to be really annoyed with us about sumthin' ...???

Stay HAPPY and HEALTHY - and we'll hope to see you all at TheFarm a bit later: tomorrow will be our first day of Summer, bringing us a somewhat cooler, wetter growing season ... I can Dream, can't I ...

Rod and Jim 5-Acre Farm Daylilies 217-621-8474

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