Happy September 24th, 2017 ==

- and it's MY 66th Birthday, indeed! I was an enthusiastic child of the Original Era of Drugs 'n Sex 'n Rock 'n Roll ... and I simply cannot believe that I've Lived Long Enough to "break on through to the Other Side" ... that I am still Upright and Positively Productive - especially with something as Gorgeous as Our Daylily Beauties = I AM a lucky-lucky guy in OHHH so many ways! Enough of that ......

SOOOO ... here we are, NEARLY ready to enter October - and Although we are in the 11th week of our Drought of '17 - here at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, we STILL have colorful, hardy blossoms on SEVEN cultivars: five of the Whiteside collection of 12 Late- and Late-Late-Bloomers (please enjoy pic above!!) plus Stout's Autumn Minaret and Ron Valente's Wild April are nearly ready to WrapItUp for Season '17: all are Lovely Harbingers of Fal '17, here in East Central Illinois. And Whiteside's Charleston Autumn Moonlight (not pic'd; sorry) usually continues blooming until Half-Way through October == WHENEVER we have our First Killing Frost visited upon us. Then we'll be OhhhFicially DONE with Garden Visits - until May of 2018! And I'm already looking forward to it, YESS!

To find out MORE about the Late- and Late-Late Blooming Whiteside's -- just look over at the stack of Navigation Bars on the LEFT of this homepage; go down to #4; click on it and you'll see pics and details on them all - both the Late "Charleston Harvest" ones, and the Even Later "Charleston Autumn" ones. They give us such a beautiful array of color that doesn't even START until August, each year - and doesn't end until Mid-October, with the lovely lemon glow of Autumn Moonlight to greet us each morning.

SOOO: we're DONE with our REGULAR Biz Hours (10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays) for 2017 - BUT - if you'd like to See, or to Purchase, some Whiteside Lovelies, JUST CALL ME at 217-621-8474, before you make a trip to The Farm - just be be SURE that we are THERE - and not Elsewhere, doing a multitude of regular Farm Errands. Please KNOW that we're always delighted to have Fall Garden Guests!

We're located 5 miles South of Philo - or 4.5 miles North of Villa Grove, just off Rt 130, about 1/8 of a mile; just watch for the BLUE Tourist Attraction Sign, to show you where to turn off Rt. 130.

Hope to see you soon = and The Sooner, The Better!!

AND - as before; Jimmy and I are available to present Educational Daylily Programs for your Green Group meetings: we'd love to help you out! Just call me at 217-621-8474! These sort of Get-Togethers are so enjoyable for EVERYone involved ... learning new things, and sharing so many personal gardening experiences and tips. Thank Heavens that we are TRULY addicted to it all = What FUN!!

SO ... we'll hope to hear from all of you - or see you soon at The Farm!



PS: I heard ... that just MAYbe ... there might be another Spring Sale of some daylilies at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, ON-LINE ... and somebody said ... that it might be starting somewhere around mid-January of '18 ... and, now ... THAT May Be J U S T idle gossip ... but ... you might want to mark 5-AFDs as a FAVORITE site - - just so you won't MISS it ... IFFFF, indeed, it IZZZZ the truth .......... I'm just sayin' ...?!?! rsk



On this HOME PAGE, on the Left Side, there's a STACK of Navigation Bars : there you'll find FIVE major groupings of Daylilies for you to review and enjoy: FIRST is a full collection of all of Ron Valente's gorgeous Hybrids; NEXT is a grouping of 200-300 hundred of our Favorite Cultivars; NEXT is all of Jimmy's Hybrids; NEXT is all of Dr. Wes Whiteside Hybrids; and LAST is a NEW GROUPING of 50+ OTHER Favorites that we've not posted on the WebSite -- UNTIL NOW. So ... do ENJOY these Beauties, too!!

AND -- you can ALSO search for Plants by WHATEVER TERM YOU wish; you don't need any Magic Codes at all.

TO START: just click on the SEARCH STARTS HERE! navigation bar, to creat a customized, personal search.

You can search By Color = just enter whatever color you wish to see, like RED or WHITE or PEACH

- or you can search By Height = just enter the height you want to find, like 18 or 26 or 40

- or maybe even search By BloomTime = just enter the time of Season during which you want the flowers to bloom, like EARLY (May/June/July) or MID (July/August) or LATE or Late-Late (August/September/October) = No "magic words" are necessary, at all.

So ... just go ahead and JUMP IN = take a stroll through about 400+ lovelies that are each and all available to you for the asking -- WHILE THEY LAST = there are MANY cultivars that are available ONLY in somewhat limited quantities = so PLEASE do not hesitate to reserve ANY BEAUTIES who Speak To YOU!!

You may place your Own Custom Order on the Purchase Page -- OR -- you make up your list - and e-send it to me -- OR, if you'd rather, just CALL ME (217-621-8474) with your list, and we'll Talk Through your order on the phone; and you can do that ANYTIME it's convenient for you, year-round!!

Either way, I'll verify whether or not all your choices are available - and I'll provide you with your Invoice Total; then, you can send me off a check -- and you can receive your Lovelies later in the Spring - when the weather is again appropriate for you to visit The Farm to pick them up - or we can ship them out to you, up until June 1st.

Rod and Jimmy

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
1578 County Road 300N
TOLONO IL 61880-9719