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IT'S TIME NOW ... - to start off 2019 EXCELLENTLY !!!

-------- Here's OUR ANNUAL GIFT TO YOU ALL --------

= our 2019 Early Spring 35% OFF Daylily Sale!

More than 450 of our 750 named cultivars are Sale-Eligible. When you enter your order on our Web Site Sales Page, the system will give you a message, should any of your entries NOT be Sale-Eligible to you. BUT --

--- please recall: that means EITHER that they are entirely Sold Out for 2019 - OR - that they MAY be available to you for purchase, but at their full retail pricing.

When you've completed and sent off your order, please mail us a check for the total amount, shown there on the end of your order, to: 5-Acre Farm Daylilies 1578 CR 300 N Tolono IL 61880-9719. And, sorry ... we do not take Credit Card payments.

Ordering Daylily Lovelies should ALWAYS be a Happy Thing To Do!! AND, if you just DO NOT WANT to deal with placing a computer order - please KNOW that you may send to me your Wish List in an e-mail message: -- and, I'll review it, and then get back with you by e-mail or by phone - and, then I'll enter your order for you! Easy-peazey!?!

And remember: 5-Acre Farm GIFT COUPONS are available to you, always: AND, during this 2019 Early Sale, when you order a coupon or two that have a purchasing value of at least $50 each, we will give you a 10% discount; yesss! Although these make GREAT gifts for Gardening Friends, they are ALSO excellent rewards To YOURSELF = to use later, to make PREPAID Daylily Purchases during bloom Season; too cool, huhhh?!?

If you have QUESTIONS, please send me an e-message: or call me, directly: 217-621-8474. I'll get back to you ASAP!

There's ONLY 26 days left until the FIRST, OHHficial Day of Spring 2019!! And while we're all dreaming about our gardens, please treat yourself to an hour or two of relaxed browsing of Beauties at ENJOY!!

And we'll hope to hear from you - and sooner the better!!

And Happy Gardening to you, ALWAYS!!

Rod and Jim ___________________________________________

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