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This little lovely is named Wink and Smile! She's 20" tall and presents lots of 3 1/2" flowers of warm, cream color with a prominent red eye - and she's InBloom right now, for your enjoyment. And she can be in YOUR Garden, too, for only $12 for a double fan! FUN!!



We are entering into High Blossom THIS WEEKEND - and there's So Much Screamin' Color out here, it's Hard to Sleep at Night!?!?! Our recent slams of EXCESSIVE HEAT and EXCESSIVE RAIN have combined to give us Bigger Blossoms and Taller, more Lush Plants than we've Ever seen, here at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies. PRETTY amazing!!

Seriously ... don't miss this!! We've got somewhere between 250-300 varieties of Daylily Lovelies presenting glorious.bouquets of. blossom - Right Now - and more are opening with every passing day. It's pretty OutRageous!!

We're open Today, Sat and Sun, from 10am to 4pm = and YESSSS we ARE open for the 4th of July = because we cannot imagine a better way to celebrate our precious freedoms than having Garden Guests wander freely through gardens filled with luxurious, happy color - including Red, White and Purple = sorry, daylilies do not come in Blue -- but close to it!!

QUESTIONS?? Just call me: 217-621-8474. NOT a problem!!

SO, we'll hope to see you SOON. IF you listen closely ... you can hear the Beauties Calling to YOU!!

Stay Happy and Healthy!!

Rod and Jim 5-Acre Farm Daylilies


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