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November is nearly DONE, already!?! Surely hope everyone had an Excellent Thanksgiving celebration!

Jim and I can barely believe that Season 2018 - our 13th retail year!! - is SO swiftly coming to an end! And before that happens, we’d like to share a couple of things with you all:

First: we’d like to extend a Most Sincere and Heartfelt Thanks to all of you who ordered our Lovelies, On-Line -and - those of you who actually could come to visit us as Garden Guests, here at 5-Acre Farm.

And PLEASE KNOW that we are, both of us, most enthusiastically looking forward to our 14th Retail Season here at The Farm in 2019– to having many more chances to have great fun with you all!

Next: All 750+ varieties of our Beauties are, indeed, are quickly preparing for a Cold Times Snooze! We are still scampering around like shocked squirrels , trying to get all the Signage Repairs done ... before our terra firma gets REEEEEALLY firm-ahh. HA!!

NEVERTHELESS = PLEASE Remember: just because we can't DIG and SHIP plants for you, for about another 20 weeks ... we STILL CERTAINLY CAN present you with the Opportunity of the PROMISE of more Beauties, for Yourself, AND for all the Gardeners and Flower Lovers on your Holiday Gift List = here’s how!!

This Christmas Season, once again, Jim and I are making available to you our Most Special 5-Acre Farm Daylilies GIFT CARDS!!! Please look at the picture of this page to see what our Presentation Card looks like. Buying Value cards are $25 each; and, when you specify the Total Gift Value you wish to give, well send WhatEver number of $25 Buying Value Cards that would equal that, INSIDE of one of our lovely, handcrafted Presentation Cards. As you can see, they are creamy white, they have an embossed daylily on the front, plus a gold finish fold spine, and a ragged opening edge. And the card paper is made from nearly 100% recycled materials. These lovely pieces were custom-made for us by two incredibly talented paper artists who live on the coast of Maine!!

AND, if you Gift more than $100, per Presentational Card, we’ll give YOU the gift of a 10% discount!! WHAT FUN!!!

AND, you can order multiple gifts; each will include it’s own Value Card(s), inside it's own Presentational Card and envelope - for each separate gift.

AND, I can ship these to you up until the end of day on Thursday, December 20th.

You may:

-- order your gifts On-Line, here through our Web Site Store – or

-- send me an e-mail at with your details -or

-- call me directly: 217-621-8474, and I’ll take your details from you, in person: yess!!

SO ... I’ll hope to be able to play “Your Helper Elf,” sometime soon, with the sweet promise of Beautiful Daylilies from 5-Acre Farm in Spring 2019, for you or your dear friends and family!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Season’s Greetings Otherwise to You All!! Be Happy and Healthy, and Happy Gardening to you, always!!

Rod and Jim ---------------------------------------------------------------

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