TO ALL of our New and Returning Garden Guests of 5-Acre Farm Daylilies:


WELL ... The Drought and Heat of Summer '17 ARE finally gone, replaced now by a Wet 'n Cool 'n Windy Fall -- with Thanksgiving in only Two Days -- and then Our Christmas '17 comes in just 32 DAYS! How did we get here So Quickly??

AND SO: Please let me Remind you all:

DAYLILY GIFT CARDS, gifting Whatever Amount of retail value, are Awesome, Delightfully Appropriate holiday remembrances - for Yourself - or for each and all of The Gardeners you know and love, dearly!!

- AND, as well: HERE'S A REAL DEAL for you all!!

= From NOW until Christmas Eve, we are offering Gift Cards to you at 30% OFF!! That's RIGHT: you pay only $70 to get $100 of purchasing power on a card; or pay $35 for a $50 buying card; or $14 will get you a $20 card; or WHATEVER amount you'd want to present = it's Up to You = and will ALL be at 30% off!

On the TOP of this page you'll see a pic of our Hand-Crafted Daylily Gift Cards; for each order you place, I'll mail one of these embossed card off to you, plus a matching envelope, with a Business Card inside, noting the full-purchase value of your chosen gift. That way, YOU can fill in your Daylily Card exactly as you'd prefer, and then Send it to - or Hand it to - your chosen recipient - so that it can come Directly From You to Them - with maybe a Big Hug and a Warm Smile, as well!

SO ...TO GET THIS DONE: simply email me your Name, Mailing Address and the total amount for which you''d want to have your Daylily Gift Card written, at

- OR - I'd be delighted to have you call me Directly at


and we can talk together about your details - AND get a chance to chat for a moment!! That's Fun!

SO .... I surely hope to hear from all of you, soon: and The Sooner, The Better! Christmas is Coming .......!

Wishing You and Yours all the Blessings and Happiness that The Holidays may bring!

Rod and Jim

PS: BTW: Our LATE-LTE blooming daylily = Charleston Autumn Moonlight - DID continue to bloom until October 25 -- and he still had a few more buds to go, but they were finished off by our First Hard Frost: it's a GREAT plant in EVERY Garden!!

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