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TODAY is Saturday, July 30th. AMAZINGLY enough ... I have about 165 varieties of daylily lovelies in FULL Bloom on my display table, here in my Garden Pergola - even Without significant rain in the last 16+ days.

This is a TESTAMENT to just how durable daylilies are, even in NASTY Summer weather, here in EastCentral Illinois!! UNfortunately ... also, I DO have some buds wivening up, turning yellow-brown ... and just falling to the ground without openiing ... and so ... needless to say ... I am still close to hyperventilation about Getting Some Rain - immediately, if not sooner ...

ANYWAY - even with this current DROUGHT, The Gardens are FULL of blazing Color !!

So ... why don't you come on down here today or tomorrow, between 10 am and 4pm - - to enjoy all The Beauties. It would be great to have you all as Garden Guests during this Special Holiday Weekend !!

Stay HAPPY and HEALTHY - and we'll hope to see you all, at The Farm, soon !!

Rod and Jim 5-Acre Farm Daylilies 217-621-8474

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