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The HUGE high bloom of 400 varieties -- simultaneously -- has passed - and the mid-to-late varieties are just finishing up, with the Re-Bloomers returning to tease us with a second bit of colorful faces --- AND the TRUE LATES have JUST Beginning.

Here, on the HomePage, please look at the LIST on the LEFT side - and click into the DR. WES WHITESIDE LATE-BLOOMING Hybrids - to view PICS and Full Details on this GREAT collection of 14 LATE BLOOMING lovelies - ten of which are already exploding - and the other 4 are in full bud, ready to show off Their Stuff, by the Weekend - or soon after -- AND these Beauties will CONTINUE to bloom well into September!!

I have limited quantities of SEVERAL of them, so DO call me to reserve your Lates - before they are Sold Out for the 2020 Season! WHAT FUNNN!!

STAY SAFE - and be happy.

Rod and Jim!!

PS = Please feel free to walk through the gardens without a mask, BUT ... when dealing with other persons at the garden - especially Jim or I - we would ask that you DO wear a mask, otherwise; Covid-19 is entirely real, and totally serious, and easily accomplished precautions are unquestionably necessary.

Hopefully, everyone will be comfortable and enjoy distanced strolls through The Gardens - for a stress-free time at Our Farm.

We'll hope to see you/hear from you SOON: the flowers are beginning to Explode!! WOOOOO!

Jim and Rod

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