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SPRING 2020 SALE is STILL ON through THE END of MAY!!!

JUUSSSST when you thought it all could NOT get any crazier or out of control -- along comes COVID-19. How can this BE? Nearly inconceivable - but, way too real, indeed.

AND - if we MUST start our New Decade with such challenges and stress ... we need to be even MORE resourceful to figure out ways to remain realistically positive and optimistic.

Our contribution to ALL of our Garden Guests: Jim and I are extending our 5AFD's Early 2020 Sale through to the end of May, fully.

B U T - MOST OF ALL - we sincerely hope that taking Leisurely walks through our various Collections of Blossom Pictures will help to boost your spirits, and keep you looking forward to Actual Spring - WHETHER OR NOT you choose to BUY anything ... just let the Beauties fill your heart with you and hope - again and again.

If you happen to see any Lovelies which you Cannot Live Without ... you'll notice we've cut pricing IN HALF on more than 400 varieties of Gorgeous Beauties: a FULL 50% OFF! As well, there are another 150 varieties that are priced at % off - and all of our other varieties are available for purchase now, all at regular retail pricing.

Many folks have made orders already - so SOME of the varieties may well be in short supply ... so, it would be MOST advantageous to shop early - to assure that you can get Everything that you may be admiring.

IF you have Any Questions - AT ALL - please do not hesitate to give me a call: 217-621-8474 = I'd be super happy to talk with you all, directly. if we want ME to place your order for you, NOT a problem; just call me with your WishList and we'll check it out together, while we're talking to one another!

It will be So Nice to have you come to visit us again at The Farm, in early June, to share in our wonderful 15th Retail Season -- when a trip drive to the country, to walk through all our gardens, will be, once again, Totally SAFE and enjoyable!! WE Can barely wait, kiddos!!

Virtual HUGGGZ to you all -- from at least six feet away-

Stay Healthy and Happy!!

Rod and Jim

PS: The handsome dude pictured above is Old King Cole: $29 regular pricing, on sale for $26.10! What FUN!!

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