The BEAUTY that's pictured above is "Blessed Art Thou." She's 32" tall, and puts forth a 6"-wide blossom - and it's a luscious blend of orchid, pink and yellow - all above a lemon-to-green throat. And she blooms in July to August - and may even rebloom later in the season. AND ... BEST of all: she can be YOURS for only $14 - to have as your OWN garden beauty!

FINALLY ... here we are, on the Summer Solstice: June 20th!

Our plants here are EXPLODING, in the Display Beds and all the Growing Fields - and we are already Significantly Bizzzzzy, and it's SUCH fun to be seeing Previous Garden Guests, once again, along with many brand new faces, as well: we are now open on all Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 4pm -- and if you can't make it here over a weekend, NOT a problem; just call me on my cell to schedule a specific visit time on a WEEKDAY: 217-621-8474 = NOT a problem; we'll be HERE, working away. We'd just love to share our blooming Beauties with as many flower-lovers as possible!! And, already, we have over 100 varieties in full bloom = SOOO = please don't MISS the EARLY blossoms, now!

And please remember: Jimmy and I are available to present Educational Daylily Programing for your Green Group meetings: we'd love to help you out! Just call me at 621-8474! These sort of Get-Togethers are so very enjoyable for EVERYone involved ... learning new things, and discussing personal gardening experiences and tips. Thank Heavens that we are TRULY addicted to it all!!

SO ... we'll hope to hear from all of you - and see you soon, here at The Farm!!

Rod and Jimmy

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
1578 County Road 300N
TOLONO IL 61880-9719