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SECRET OF CONTENTMENT; Emmerich 2008; TET, Rounded form with 6"-wide, pink-lavender blossom petals, accented by lighter pink-lavender sepals; has a dark lavender band, and a very ruffled edge that sports strong, yellow-ivory wire; and all above a yellow to green throat. He's 30” tall, blooms in mid-to-late season, and may well re-bloom a bit later. Scapes have an average of 3-way branching, producting an average of 18 buds per scape. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a hybridizing flower - a BREAKTHROUGH PARENT for extravagant ruffling in northern hardy crosses, with large blossoms with good color. He's fertile both ways; parentage: {(Lifting Me Higher x Absolute Treasure) x (Senegal x JT Davis)}.