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HAPPY JUNE '24, to you all!! It is NEARLY actual summer - although Mom Nature has been doing a great early imitation of it for a few weeks: warmth and rain has invited our daylilies to grow TALL and come into bud at least a week or so Earlier than usual.

Don't forget that the Garden Walk is coming up this Saturday, June 15th - and if you have a moment, come over to the Idea Garden and say Hello! And the gardens that are lined up for viewing enjoyment this year are fairly spectacular - and the weather is supposed to be fairly perfect for all of this!

AND Jimmy and I will be opening 5-Acre Farm Daylilies for our 19th season on Saturday and Sunday, June 21st and 22nd, from 11am to 3pm. Hopefully, by then, we'll have at least 50-75 Lovelies in bloom for your enjoyment. It will be Most Enjoyable to see our previous Garden Guests, once again - and, hopefully, a bunch of new, first-time folks, as well.

Jimmy and I are both turning 73 this year. Strength and Stamina are telling us that this MAAAAAAY be our last year in Biz - but we'll make that decision after we've seen how this, our 19th season, goes along. BUT ... we would like to share all our Lovelies with ALL of our Garden Guests AT LEAST one more time!!

SO - See you over at the Garden Walk on Saturday the 15th - and then down at The Farm for our Season Opening on Saturday/Sunday, June 21st or 22nd!

ANY QUESTIONS?? DON'T hesitate to call me. It would be great to talk with you, once again!!

Happy Gardening to you Always!

Rod and Jim

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